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[nc-whois] Final Report -- another draft.


This is a draft of what our final report may look like, following
the discussion on today's conference call.  The document consists of
3 chapters: Recommendations, Discussion of the Implementation
Committee's Report, and Comments Received in Response to the Policy

Chapter I.1 contains three (!!) consensus policies on the accuracy
of WHOIS data.  A and B are the old consensus policies as revised by
the implementation committee.  C is the complaint process as
suggested by the implementation committee, with the changes
suggested in Steve's draft.  (I've also added an introductory
sentence.) This includes, at this point of time, a reversal of the
15 days -> 30 days change proposed by the implementation committee,
in order to keep the various document synchronized.

Chapter I.2 contains two consensus policies on bulk access.  A is
the proposed change to, and the deletion of; B is
the may -> shall change in

Chapter I.3 contains "practical recommendations" on the accuracy of
WHOIS data.  This is the old chapter 3.1.I, with considerable
changes (marked by underlining and overstriking):

- The posting of registrar contact points on ICANN's web site is

- There's a new recommendation on how the 15 day period should be
  handled.  I have tried to capture Marilyn's proposed compromise.
  Please don't blame any details on her -- I've written that text.

- The old recommendation on the 15 day period is deleted.

- The old recommendation on not accepting unverified corrected data
  is deleted -- that's the new consensus policy I.C.

Chapter II will contain Steve's detailed discussion of the
Implementation Committee's report; I have not yet pasted his text
into the HTML version (and I'll only do that on the latest

Chapter III contains the comments; that was annex B of the previous

I have not included a verbatim copy of the policy report, but linked
to it as an "attachment" from the Table of Contents.

As an advance warning, please note that I MAY leave on Sunday for
the ICANN Studienkreis meeting in Berlin early next week.  If that
happens, I won't be able to work on the report between Sunday and

Good night,
Thomas Roessler                        <roessler@does-not-exist.org>

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