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RE: [nc-whois] Draft WHOIS Implementation Report


I really appreciated your comments during our meeting today.  The sections 
you highlighted were difficult for me to understand as well.  I believe a 
bit of minor editing could clarify the text and found your suggestions helpful.

Other Concerns:

	1) What happens in the event that the complainant is fraudulent?

	2) Where is their definition of what constitutes accurate data?

	3) Why is it that even if the Registrant can be contacted using some of 
the data, but not all their data is proven (by an unknown standard) to be 
accurate, do they lose their domain name?

	4) Will we support development of a process to protect good Registrants 
who keep accurate data from being dragged through this accuracy/deletion 
process?  I suggest a list people can join if they can make their data fit 
within certain classification.

Thank you for offering to write-up our concerns.



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