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[nc-whois] registrar/registrar participation; editing

Thanks to Marilyn and Karen for their drafts, which I could finally print out.

Iīve found nothing obvious with which I would be uncomfortable.  However, Iīd
be a bit cautious with the note suggested by Marilyn that, while only a small
number of registrar/registry respondents participated in the survey, these do
represent a high percentage of accredited registrars/registries.

Iīm not so sure itīs safe to draw that conclusion:  We donīt know at all
whether there were any registry participants.  Even if there were registries,
it seems likely that they are vastly outnumbered by registrars (correct me if
Iīm wrong).  Further, we donīt know if we have, at least approximately, one
participant per registrar/registry.

But maybe, Iīm just a little bit over-cautious. :-)

On a related note, it doesnīt look like Iīll be able to do any editing this
week.  The approach I planned to take didnīt work out so far due to format
conversion issues.  For this reason, expect that any further drafts and editing
this week will be done by Abel Wisman, who has a copy of the master document I
used, and uses the same kind of Office software.

See you later on the conference call, and kind regards,

Thomas Roessler

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