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RE: [nc-whois] Work for you.

Antonio is back tomorrow, and will be able to review and comment; however,
my initial thoughts are:

Thanks to Thomas, Abel, and Kristy for such a tremendous contribution to
ensuring that we have an interim report.  The work for the rest of the team
is now able to build on this substantial contribution. Thanks to the rest of
you for your contributions into the report, and for your ongoing commitment
to the work of the TF. Our work is time consuming, and your dedication to
participation in calls and online work is much appreciated. 

I know that I speak for both Tony and myself when I say that we recognize
how lucky we are to have the benefit of working within a TF with committed
and energized members from all constituencies and the GA.  

Regards, Marilyn 

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Here's another draft; we are at 30 pages now.

This one has some more restructuring in the introduction, plus an 
overall section on the "Method of Evaluation of Free-Form Questions" 
added (that one was mostly cut & paste from the bulk access 
chapter).  I have included some remarks on the free-form part of 8.1 
there, since I don't believe we should dare to draw any conclusions 
 from such a feeble base of numbers.

For Chapter II (User Requirements and Experience), I have done the 
statistics for question 10, including the free-form repsonse 
basketing we did earlier (the text there is from my "basketing 
report" posted some weeks ago).  I hope that Abel can do the tables 
for questions 5-9 soon.  Note that, in the search key part of 
question 10, I have flagged the most popular response in each row by 
using boldface, just like I did with question 4.  (That's on page 9 
of the report.)

For Chapter III, the complete skeleton with all the tables is there. 
Happy evaluating to the gTLD constituency representatives!

Chapter IV is the bulk access stuff, for which I still need to know 
whether or not the gTLD and non-commercial constituencies want to 
keep the disclaimers.

For Chapter V, Third Party Agents, there's once again a complete 
skeleton.  Happy evaluating to Troy, Bret, and Oscar.

(I think I've also taken all of Marilyn's suggestions into account.)

As usual, if you have any comments to make, please do so on this 
list if they are substantial, by private message if they are minor 
(like grammar, speling, or style problems).

Good night,
Thomas Roessler                        http://log.does-not-exist.org/

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