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Re: [nc-whois] gTLD Thinking on the Way Ahead

On 2002-02-27 17:54:23 -0500, Sapiro, Miriam wrote:

>Thomas - Thanks for your quick response.

That message was sent before the call, and I actually thought that 
most things had been sorted out during the conference, with most 
parties ending up in "violent agreement" on some of the points, and 
some skepticism in the gTLD constituency on the level of detail to 
be published.  At least, that's what my recollection and notes say.

Please note that I'm certainly not opposed to deliver the "big 
picture" in Ghana.  I do, however, believe that it's not so 
difficult to get, for instance, chapter III (uniformity) into a 
shape which is of similar detail as chapter IV.  The statistics are 
there, now it's up to you to come up with some text, and possibly 

(Actually looking at the numbers I've been cutting & pasting around, 
there's violent consensus across categories in qq. 12-14, and in 
question 15.  The only non-trivial part of that chapter seems to be 
question 11, which may give some interesting insight into where 
governmental respondents actually may come from.  Of course, you 
could also start to compare the results from q10 (free-form) and 
q15.  May be interesting.)

>We could have been clearer on this point: Our question is: Are we 
>suggesting that, eg, only individuals can opt-in or out, or 
>entities as well?  Perhaps the survey was not clear on this point; 
>we will need to address the limitations of the survey, as we have 
>noted earlier.  It is an important distinction as now only 
>individuals have the option to opt-out.

That's a good point, and indeed one where I had completely 
misunderstood what Karen had written.

What do you suggest that I should add below the current text in 
section IV E, "Question 16 and 17.d", on page 23 of the latest draft 
(whois-ghana-020227-1.pdf)?  Give me something to cut & paste, 

Thanks, and good night,
Thomas Roessler                        http://log.does-not-exist.org/

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