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[nc-whois] Small correction to basketing

I just started looking whether answers to q 16 and 17.d contradict 
each other. To make it short, the answers are not contradictory: 
Those who argue for opt-in or better in q16 do the same in 17.d.

(In fact, there seemed to be a single contradiction, in answer 
#2073.  This was an apparent error in basketing.  The effect on the 
outcome is that we have _no_ respondents suggesting to relax 
restrictions, and two respondents in the "opt-in before marketing 
use" (previously, this was one respondent.)

Please note, however, that this kind of error certainly does not 
invalidate the overall conclusions.  It does, however, demonstrate 
why we should not overrate the results from the basketing, and 
concentrate on the numbers we get from automatical evaluation of 
multiple choice questions.

Thomas Roessler                        http://log.does-not-exist.org/

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