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[nc-whois] Several work items for the WHOIS Task Force

 Dear colleagues:
 We look forward to working together to achieve the work of the WHOIS TF.
 There are several administrative details which need to be completed.  
 LIST MANAGEMENT:  The TF agreed to two separate, but related lists.  
 -TF Membership:
 All members of the WHOIS TF are identified, except for the GA. Until the
 GA election, Danny Younger, present GA chair, remains the GA
 representative to the TF.  Upon the conclusion of their election, we will
 look to the new chair to advise the TF of GA participation/representation.

 -Expanded TF list: 
 The decision was made by the TF to recruit one or two more participants
 (per constituency/GA) for an "expanded TF list" to support reading all
 3000+ responses.
 "NC - WHOIS TF -- Expanded" is the list name. Glen is setting it up this
 week. Please review the names below for concurrence.  All constituencies
 are final; the GA will advise of their representatives/participation, upon
 completion of their election of GA chair.  
Business Constituency:  BC rep: Marilyn Cade
 Additional participant:  Bret Fausett and Troy Dow
 ccTLD:  Oscar Robles
 Unlikely to have additional participants
 GA:  Danny Younger, in his capacity as GA chair. 
 Status on participants to be determined by incoming chair.  Changes to
 take place after GA election in January.
 IPC:  Laurence Djolakian
 Additional Participant: Steve Metalitz
 ISPCP:  Antonio Harris
 Additional participants not likely
 Non-Comm:  Y.J. Park
 Additional participants: Hakikur Rahman and Gilbert Estillore Lumantao
 Registrars:  Phillip Grabensee
 Additional participants:  Ken Stubbs
 Registries:  Miriam Sapiro 
Additional participants:  Karen Elizaga and Rom Mohan
 Description of Work Initiative for WHOIS TF:  Read Statistical 300 (S-300)
 with a common framework for analysis.
 This list was distributed just before Christmas. SHOULD any TF member have
 difficulty in opening the file, please let Marie Juliano, Marilyn's
 executive assistant, know. She is cc'd above/reachable at 202-457-2789.
 She will resend the relevant file to the TF  member. 
 We are assuming that the TF is presently reading the S-300. If there is a
 problem, please let Marie Juliano know immediately, so we can assist in
 getting you access.  
 Marilyn has prepared a work sheet for her own use. She is happy to share
 it, should anyone be interested in using it.  [send email to Marie to ask
 for the worksheet for WHOIS TF. There is also a sample of the first 20
 submissions which Marie will send as well.]
 Remember that we are trying to ascertain whether there is anything
 different from the analytical responses. Everyone who provided narrative
 responses has also already responded in the sections which have been
 analyzed. We are looking for "additional" and  unique information which
 the analytical responses didn't capture, as well as suggestions for
 We agreed to a conference call in the near future to discuss our
 experiences in reading the S-300.  Marie will post possible dates to the
 TF shortly to try to ensure that we get full participation of the TF.
 Second Work Program: Through the participation of an additional group of
 volunteers from the constituencies/GA, we agreed to read all 3000+
 submissions and make some form of rough analysis of the responses. [format
 described below for recommended analysis.]  The Constituencies have
 provided their lists of additional participants. The GA will be responding
 shortly regarding any changes in their participation. In the meantime, we
 have developed a recommendation to assign the 3000+ to the existing list
 of participants so that we can move ahead with analysis.  
 - we took the total number of participants in the Expanded List [16] and
 divided it into the total number of responses (3000+) and ended up with an
 approximate number of 200 per individual reader. 
 Blocks Assigned to: 
1-200   Miriam Sapiro
 201-400 Karen Elizaga
 401-600 Rom Mohan
 601-800 Phillip Grabensee
 802-1000 Ken Stubbs
 1001-1200 Y. J. Park
 1201-1400 Hakikur Rahman
 1401-600 Gilbert Estillore Lumantao
 1601-1800 Laurence Djolakian
 1801-2000 Steve Metalitz
 2001-2200 Marilyn Cade
 2201-2400 Bret Fausett
 2401-2600 Troy Dow
 2601-2744 Oscar Robles
 2745-2887 Danny Younger
 2888-3035 Antonio Harris
 The full document is provided to the TF under separate email so that you
 can share it with your expanded member list.  We did not take the time to
 divide the full document into separate groups of 200, partly because all
 of you need the full set  of 3000+ responses, AND because of our own
 limited resources to do that.     It's pretty simple: provide the full
 list to your colleagues and tell them/from above, what their "block" is.
 They can then read the submissions which are in their "block" for each
 Marilyn has done one example below: 
 -------------------------------FROM THE 3000+ LIST, 
 Question 4:  
 a. To determine if a specific name is available
 2, 60; 120; 175
 b. find identity of person/organization responsible for domain name or web
 2; 60; 120; 144; 
 c. support ISPs and  technical operations, including spam or DoS attacks
 2; 10; 15; 23; 120
 d. identify owner for consumer protection or IP protection
 2; 67; 131-CP; 172; 
 e. gather names and contact info for marketing
 f. government law enforcement/other than IP
 g. other 
 4: VERIFICATION, 12: VERIFICATION; 24: verify information for news; 42:
 Law School; 90: COMPLAINT;  144: asking where to file complaint.
 The numbers in bold were those where Marilyn had some question but made a
 PART II, NARRATIVE RESPONSES. It is the first response in that document. 
 Marilyn has a simple worksheet she is using. It isn't complicated. Should
 you want it, ask Marie Juliano to send it to you.
 Spreadsheet suggestion:  We were unable to determine how an Excel
 spreadsheet can be used, since it will truncate the input.  Word
 Worksheets may be more useful and all are encouraged to share their ideas
 with the group. 
 We leave it to each constituency how you want to allocate your reading.
 If you want your observers to read  the ADDITIONAL blocks assigned to you,
 because you are reading the S-300, that is your choice and some of you
 might want to do that.   However, this is also designed so that each TF
member who reads the "300" could then read 200 more, as well as your
 additional participant reading 200 each.   We leave that option to you.
 However, we have given three of our colleagues a slightly lighter
 assignment as you will see at the end because they are without assistants
 at this time.  NOTE:  when you actually count the number of responses per
 block,  it's about 40-60%... so this isn't as onerous as it initially
 seems.  :-)  BUT, we note, it is a tedious task.
 We are assuming that all are engaged in reading the S-300 and that the
 list of assignments and the separate email which includes the 3000+ will
 now enable you to get your colleagues engaged in reading the submissions.
 Stay tuned for a call of the full expanded list (TF plus expanded list) in
 the next week...based on availability of the members. 
 Please share any concerns with the list so that we can respond. 
 Marilyn and Tony <<WHOIS TF work memo.doc>> 

DNSO Secretariat

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