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[nc-whois] Next steps.....

Hello all

I am delighted we now have the raw data so we can start the review work.
I have taken a brief look and the format of the data will help us
considerably in the evaluation, and I see that ICANN has not "cleaned"
the data as there are three repetitive entries implying the sender had
some transit problems in sending in the data to the survey server.

Appreciating the desire to work in teams of two, a number of you have
asked that I select the teams at random ... so here goes....

Miriam    Danny
YJ           Marilyn
Oscar      Tony
Axel         Registrar's rep (TBA)

Next we need to determine the structure of the review.

May I ask each of you to review at least 100 responses (I would suggest
25/30 from each category batch) in advance of your meeting in LA so you
can (come prepared to) discuss the structure and framework of the
I would suggest a question by question assessment... remember our task
is to establish if there was consensus amongst the respondents on a
specific issue and/or where additional work should be undertaken, and
the form of that additional work item. Remember the raw data needs to be
divided amongst the group.

Due to contractual obligations I will be unable to attend LA, and I hope
the Registrar's Constituency will be able to appoint a representative to
the Committee so you can meet face to face in LA. Once the Registrar
elections are held I will be leaving the Committee so you also need to
think about the next Chair of the Committee.

As for the day of the meeting.  I have been asked to comment.... but as
I am not attending, I have no strong views. Sunday afternoon seems the
easiest to accommodate from a timetable perspective... as ICANN hasn't
started and most of  you will be in LA on Sun eve, but it could be that
(like MV) two meetings one at the start and one at the end of the ICANN
event may be beneficial ......
If a meeting were to be held on Sunday, what time would folks prefer,
how about .....

Sunday 6-00pm until 8-00pm (thereby leaving time for dinner meetings
etc...) - meet at the reception of the Marina Beach Marriott for the
details of the specific meeting room.

As mentioned I will not be there, so it is up to you all.... just that I
was asked to put a proposal on the table!



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