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RE: [nc-whois] looking forward to possible WHOIS meeting... in LA.

FYI I am arriving late Sunday and would be available for a meeting on

Miriam Sapiro
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I am available for a meeting on Sunday afternoon/evening (Nov.11)

Tony Harris
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Asunto: [nc-whois] looking forward to possible WHOIS meeting... in LA.

> Paul, I know we are all heartened that we will probably receive WHOIS data
> shortly. Thanks for all you are doing to make that happen.
> I am  hopeful we can do some work between when we get the data, and when
> are in L.A., but I also wondered if we shouldn't continue to work toward a
> possible face to face meeting/discussion if possible.  ... as we had
> originally planned.
> I am considering arriving Saturday, but will definitely be there by
> I plan to leave on the 15th at this point.
> Shall we just keep in touch and see if it works out to have a face to face
> meeting?  Since Paul isn't going to be able to join us, I wonder if we
> include him via teleconference if possible.

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