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RE: [nc-whois] Whois Survey data please....


I anticipate being on site on Saturday 11/10 early
in the day.

Tony Harris
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Para: "'YJ Park (MINC)'" <yjpark@minc.org>; "Paul M. Kane"
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Enviado: Domingo 7 de Octubre de 2001 12:36
Asunto: RE: [nc-whois] Whois Survey data please....

> Folks, let's think about what our request is and what modifications may be
> needed to the schedule once we get the data.
> I know we can all by annoyed about the delay, but that isn't very
> productive. Instead, let's see if we can come up with a strategy which
> allows us to get some review done, once we get the data.
> I suggested a possible "sample" of perhaps a small number before (maybe we
> all read the same 100 and come up with our agreed to framework and format?
> -- it's only one idea and I would welcome other suggestions --I didn't see
> any response from anyone on that suggestion.
> Let's see if we can do a little online thinking about how we can proceed
> check schedules for MdR meetings, etc in the next few days.
> Like Y.J., I've got a full plate with various meetings and want to be sure
> that I give sufficient time to this issue as well.
> Y.J. merely raising the issue that we are awaiting data from Louie doesn't
> help to address our need to continue planning on what we will do once we
> the data. I am not objecting to updating the NC that we don't have the
> but do you have some thoughts along the lines of what I proposed which we
> could, as a Committee discusss online so we can offer a suggestion for how
> we will proceed? Your response to that or some other ideas from anyone
> would be very helpful.
> Also, given that 11/12 is tied up already for constituency meetings, and
> perhaps the NC, can we also check feasibility of coming in in time to meet
> before:
> Y.J., your schedule will be pretty challenging, given other commitments
> have:
> I can probably arrive Saturday for a p.m. meeting -- what about others?
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> From: YJ Park (MINC) [mailto:yjpark@minc.org]
> Sent: Sunday, October 07, 2001 2:35 AM
> To: Paul M. Kane; WHOIS Committee - DNSO
> Subject: Re: [nc-whois] Whois Survey data please....
> Whois Committee members,
> Due to no response from Louis yet with repect to Paul's request
> made on Oct. 5th, this issue should be raised during the coming
> NC teleconference. Since this TF was formed, this TF has been
> awaiting the data collected by ICANN.
> Your comments will be appreciated regarding this matter.
> Thank you,
> YJ
> > Hi Louis
> >
> > Here's another request for the WHOIS data from the recent DNSO Survey...
> > in the formats we have already discussed.
> > I appreciate you and your staff are busy but we need the data in order
> > to stay on our fairly tight schedule for evaluating the submissions and
> > producing the interim and final report.
> >
> > Many thanks
> >
> > Paul
> >

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