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Re: [nc-whois] Whois Survey data please....

Wow ... 3 WHOIS emails in one day!!!

"YJ Park (MINC)" wrote:

> > I am not objecting to updating the NC that we don't have the data,
> Thank you, Marilyn, for pinpointing our trouble here.
> Without data, I am still wondering what this TF can do further.

Agreed... we have given a schedule based on information being available, the
information isn't so the timetable may need to be reviewed as there is little
for the Committee to do at the moment, but as mentioned I hope the information
will be available soon.

> Therefore, as Axel suggested during the TF meeting in Montevideo, why
> don't we consider commissioning this job to some School Research Center
> worldwide(maybe five bodies, if possible.) to get more objective conclusion?
> The search process for such bodies should be conducted in a neutral manner
> based upon community inputs.
> On the other hand, Whois TF can function as a co-ordinating body by being
> updated regularly the commissioned research center or arranging a
> teleconference or meeting regularly and making report to the community
> about the current status.

As mentioned in MV, I am not in favour of this approach simply because having a
process for selecting the research centre on such an important issue will be
very time consuming and challenging.  I would much prefer we publish our interim
report and the raw data and then have peer review which will include (most
probably) a multitude of research centres, individuals, organizations etc. that
the process will be open, transparent and bi-partisan.

> The only matter is how to financially support them, which should be asked
> to ICANN(Louis) during the teleconference.

It may be an idea to ask ... to better understand the options available and if
the task is too challenging for the WHOIS Committee we may need to explore that
path further.



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