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Re: [nc-whois] Whois Survey data please....

"Cade,Marilyn S - LGA" wrote:
I know we can all by annoyed about the delay, but that isn't very
productive. Instead, let's see if we can come up with a strategy which
allows us to get some review done, once we get the data.
I suggested a possible "sample" of perhaps a small number before (maybe we
all read the same 100 and come up with our agreed to framework and format?
-- it's only one idea and I would welcome other suggestions --I didn't see
any response from anyone on that suggestion.
This is a valid suggestion ... I am optimistic once the data is available the time taken to present the data (which admittedly has been too long) will save much time in the review process itself .......
IMHO what is important is to focus (as we started to do in MV) on the framework of the report so we hit all of the "key issues" raised, in so doing making the compiling of the four "team" reports much easier.

From  recollection.... report overview....
Executive Summary.


                      Background / Set stage for what the survey does/doesn't do

                     Survey information

                     Interesting anomalies
                     Clear / consensus responses
                     Areas where more work is necessary
                     Suggestions as to the form of that additional work.


                     How to take the WHOIS issue to the next phase and what forum
                     Any further action items

Remember we plan to make all of the raw data available once our interim report is published for peer review and comment .....

Hoping raw data arrives soon....



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