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Re: [nc-whois] Whois Survey data please....

Morning YJ

I too am frustrated at the delay but I am told (Sat) that ICANN staff are
designing the program to extract the data in the format(s) we specified in MV.
It is proving more complicated than orginally anticipated but they are working
on it.

I am optimistic we should see the data soon so we can start work in earnest.

I will put a call through tonight to obtain a timeline so we can start



"YJ Park (MINC)" wrote:

> Whois Committee members,
> Due to no response from Louis yet with repect to Paul's request
> made on Oct. 5th, this issue should be raised during the coming
> NC teleconference. Since this TF was formed, this TF has been
> awaiting the data collected by ICANN.
> Your comments will be appreciated regarding this matter.
> Thank you,
> YJ
> > Hi Louis
> >
> > Here's another request for the WHOIS data from the recent DNSO Survey...
> > in the formats we have already discussed.
> > I appreciate you and your staff are busy but we need the data in order
> > to stay on our fairly tight schedule for evaluating the submissions and
> > producing the interim and final report.
> >
> > Many thanks
> >
> > Paul
> >

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