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Re: [nc-whois] Whois Survey data please....

> I suggested a possible "sample" of perhaps a small number before (maybe we
> all read the same 100 and come up with our agreed to framework and format?
> -- it's only one idea and I would welcome other suggestions --I didn't see
> any response from anyone on that suggestion.

I don't object to this suggestion under the condition that this 100 sample
period will not be used as another excuse to delay or format another full
data to this TF, which was promised long time ago.

> Let's see if we can do a little online thinking about how we can proceed
> check schedules for MdR meetings, etc in the next few days.

As far as I know, the only substantial thing we can do as a group, appears
to raise a concern when this TF can get such data. However, if there is any
other suggestion, it would be really appreciated.

> I am not objecting to updating the NC that we don't have the data,

Thank you, Marilyn, for pinpointing our trouble here.
Without data, I am still wondering what this TF can do further.

> Y.J., your schedule will be pretty challenging, given other commitments
> have:

Yes, not only myself but also everybody here in this TF.

Therefore, as Axel suggested during the TF meeting in Montevideo, why
don't we consider commissioning this job to some School Research Center
worldwide(maybe five bodies, if possible.) to get more objective conclusion?

The search process for such bodies should be conducted in a neutral manner
based upon community inputs.

On the other hand, Whois TF can function as a coordinating body by being
updated regularly the commissioned research center or arranging a
teleconference or meeting regularly and making report to the community
about the current status.

The only matter is how to financially support them, which should be asked
to ICANN(Louis) during the teleconference.

My 2 cents' thought.

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