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RE: [nc-whois] Draft WHOIS Committee Agenda

this looks like an excellent basis for discussion.  thanks, paul.  regards and looking forward to seeing everyone, miriam

Miriam Sapiro
Director of International Policy

VeriSign, Inc.
1666 K Street, NW, Suite 410
Washington DC 20006
tel:    202-973-6600
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From: Paul M. Kane [mailto:Paul.Kane@reacto.com]
Sent: Thursday, August 30, 2001 4:25 PM
To: WHOIS Committee - DNSO
Subject: [nc-whois] Draft WHOIS Committee Agenda

Dear WHOIS Committee members

We are scheduled to have our first F2F meeting of the WHOIS Committee on Thursday 6th September at 1800hrs Raddison Reception.  To have a productive meeting in advance of the Constituency briefings on Friday, I am hoping to be able to send you a summary of the Survey in advance of the meeting (still being tabulated), but in the interim here is a draft Agenda....

Any other comments/issues we should consider so we can finalize the Agenda.....



Draft Agenda

1) Elect scribe

2) Approve Agenda

3) Formulating the review

     a) Establish agreement on how to categorise.

     b) Select approach to facilitate review:

     i) Divide into small teams to review approx. 500  randomly selected comments
     each team of 2.
     ii) Work individually and review 250  randomly selected comments
     iii) Separate roughly in terms of industry sector, and cross reference individual
     industry reports with specific comments then merge the 7 reports
    iv) other
4) Layout of the report

               Executive Summary.


  •  Background / Set stage for what the survey does/doesn't do
               Survey information
  • Interesting anomalies
  • Clear / consensus responses
  • Areas where more work is necessary
  • Suggestions as to the form of that additional work.
  •                Recommendations
    • Overview
    • How to take the WHOIS issue to the next phase and what forum
    • Any further action items
    5)  Timetable discussion.

    6)  AoB

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