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RE: [nc-whois] Survey review ....Meeting - Thurs 6th Sept - 1800hrs

Paul, I've learned that there are At Large meetings. I need to be there as well, and I hope to drag all of you along with me!!!!!
So, can we find out their schedule/I'll call Denise Michel, if okay with you, and post... and can we work around that? AND, can I drag some of you to the At Large with me? 
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From: Antonio Harris [mailto:harris@cabase.org.ar]
Sent: Friday, July 27, 2001 4:54 PM
To: Cade,Marilyn S - LGA; 'Paul M. Kane'; YJ Park (MINC)
Cc: WHOIS Committee - DNSO
Subject: RE: [nc-whois] Survey review ....Meeting - Thurs 6th Sept - 1800hrs

I will be there
Tony Harris
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Asunto: RE: [nc-whois] Survey review ....Meeting - Thurs 6th Sept - 1800hrs

Confirmed for WHOIS meeting. Marilyn
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From: Paul M. Kane [mailto:Paul.Kane@reacto.com]
Sent: Friday, July 27, 2001 7:29 AM
To: YJ Park (MINC)
Cc: Paul M. Kane; WHOIS Committee - DNSO
Subject: Re: [nc-whois] Survey review ....Meeting - Thurs 6th Sept - 1800hrs

Thank you YJ.....

With the survey in 5 different languages, (English, French, Spanish, Russian, Japanese) I anticipate (and hope) many comments will be in the respondent's native language rather than just english! - we are trying to remove the language barrier to encourage participation in our WHOIS survey.

Like you I think we all want to ensure we understand all comments correctly as a consequence we will need additional translation time..... Due to the complexity and the need to take progressing the issue slowly, we have not yet set a date for the publication of our final report.  At the ICANN meeting we need to have a WHOIS committee meeting to determine how we should review the information.

I would like to schedule a meeting of the WHOIS Committee before (and possibly after - for feedback) the Constituency meetings to discuss the review process itself.

May I propose we hold our first face to face meeting on THURSDAY 6th September at 1800 hours. Meet at the Front Reception of the Radisson Hotel.
If any WHOIS Committee member is unable to make that proposed time, please advise soonest



"YJ Park (MINC)" wrote:

Paul, It sounds very challenging. Supporting your proposal here I would like to emphasizethat the access to information needs to be allowed asap,if this is DNSO responsibilities. As non-native speakers of English, you can understand Idefinitely need more time to review such enormous info. Thank you,YJ
First of all may I thank all Committee members who have responded either publicly or privately to my earlier mails.

May I seek your support for the following proposal:

  • We extend the closure of the Comment Period until the 14th August to ensure all those who want to participate in this consultation are able to do so.
  • We ask ICANN to make available to the whole community (via the web) all comments submitted - but not to associate the comments with the identity of the author.
  • All Committee members have access to all the information including (in confidence) the identity of the author.
  • In advance of Montevideo we ask ICANN to tabulate the results of the survey, including the country of the respondent, as an overview.... please note the survey was not a "poll"... so we may present some preliminary findings to the ICANN meeting....
  • We schedule a face to face meeting whilst in Montevideo of all WHOIS Committee Members in attendance.... and discuss how we propose to review the data in light of the our preliminary examination.

FYI, the GAC will be discussing the WHOIS issue/survey at their Montevideo meeting.

Best regards

WHOIS Committee Chair

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