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Re: [nc-whois] The review process?????


	I think that we should separate the cuantitative and the cualitative data. If we divide the cuantitative into five part we have the risk to get the wrong analysis, I mean, the option B in question 4 may be the second preference in every one of the five parts, but if we count the whole submitted comments option B may be the first preference.

	So, my suggestion is that we count the cuantitative answers as a unique set of answers, and divide the cualitative ones.


PD. I'm arrinving in Montevideo on September 5th.

On Wed, 18 Jul 2001, Paul M. Kane wrote:

> As for the review process, I suggest we ask ICANN to sequentially number
> each submitted comment so we may collectively refer to each
> submission.... and make them available to us via a web site if
> possible.  I will ask how they would like to present the information to
> us....
> The main question is do we divide up the number of submissions between
> each committee member to review and draft a report on their "quota" or
> as the survey is prepared in sections does each committee member
> (working in pairs) review a section or five! Appreciating this review is
> long overdue and there may be a tendency to rush to conclusions, it is
> very important we take our time to review every aspect of each comment
> submitted... Comments/thoughts.....
> It would be also be good to arrange a face to face meeting of the
> Committee whilst Montevideo. Is any Committee member  _not_ going to
> Montevideo?? I will be there from the 6th to the 11.
> Best
> Paul

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