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RE: [nc-udrp] UDRP Review - Draft Questionnaire

Elisabeth does the DNSO has the capability to do what Ethan is asking?  My
thought is that we have the original document and each time someone has a
proposed modification, it is inserted right after the questions at issue and
the language is changed once we all agree on the final version.

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Subject: RE: [nc-udrp] UDRP Review - Draft Questionnaire

	These email exchanges lead me to think that we need to give a little

thought to our process for drafting the questionnaire and, later, for how 
we go about evaluating it and preparing a report. If we somehow get 
consensus quickly about the survey, our reliance on email to exchange ideas 
is probably not a problem. On the other hand, if many of us start 
suggesting new survey questions or changes in questions and the number of 
emails multiply, it will, I think, be difficult to keep track of what has 
been proposed, what accepted, etc. I wonder whether, as a start, we could 
put the draft questionnaire on a Web site so that there is a common point 
of reference for all of us, and one of us, on a daily basis at a minimum, 
could update the document, perhaps even in a manner that would allow some 
tracking of changes?  If there were no volunteers, I could probably have 
someone do this. Or, perhaps, someone has software that would allow 
multi-party editing of a document (actually a rather complicated process).


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