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RE: [nc-udrp] Question

The questionnaire will be posted on ICANN's and the DNSO's website and
forwarded to GA and all Constituencies who will be encouraged to outreach
and get as many people involved as possible.  Anyone who wants to respond
will be able to.

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Subject: [nc-udrp] Question

As I reviewed the draft questionnaire and I went over the terms of
reference, it struck me that I was missing (or perhaps sleeping through)
an important piece of information.

Who precisely is the questionnaire going out to? And how are they
getting it?  Are we putting it up on the web and waiting for responses
or are we sending it out to a selected population, hoping for response?

And if there is a defined target population, what will we do if someone
outside the target wishes to respond?

OK, I realize this is more than one question.  But in following the
dialogue between Caroline and Milton, it struck me that I might be
missing something. Thanks in advance.

Dan Steinberg

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