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[nc-transfer] Update on NC approval of report of the Transfer Task Force on WLS

The Names Council considered the report of the TR-TF on WLS today in its meeting and 
engaged in considerable discussion, which can be heard on the MP-3 recording. The vote of the NC 
was to approve the report of its Task Force and to forward  it to the 

One small change will be made in the report to add a footnote to describe
what version of the Wait Listing Service is referenced throughout the report. My suggestion 
was that I ask Chuck Gomes to provide us with an description of their WLS service which
will be added, either as a footnote  or as an appendix, depending on its length.

The report was distributed without some  of the appendix and the 'links'. Glen will
be working with me to fix those omissions (they were sent separately to the NC members)
and provide a clean copy to Philip Sheppard, for transmittal through staff, to the board, following
the usual procedure for forwarding Task Force reports.

Thank you, all, for your hard work, your involvement, and your commitment. I am especially
appreciative that you all made extra efforts to ensure an ongoing feedback loop to your constituencies/GA
so that the NC representatives were kept informed as we worked through the recommendations and
final stages of the process.

As I have and keep saying, our work will now continue on Transfers and deletions.

Best regards, 

Marilyn Cade

Marilyn S. Cade
AT&T Law & Government Affairs
1120 20th Street, NW, Suite 1000N
Washington, DC 20036


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