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Re: [nc-str] Final terms of reference

On Fri, 30 Nov 2001 10:37:13 +0100, "Philip Sheppard"
<philip.sheppard@aim.be> wrote:

>TF members,
>allow me to clarify.
>1. The LA meeting was indeed a brainstorming to help start our ideas on the
>terms of reference based on an earlier outline agreed by the task force. (I
>am sorry that for those TF members whose constituencies nominated late they
>will have not had the chance to participate earlier but please remember
>there are external deadlines for our work.) The only outcome of the LA
>meeting was the draft TOR sent to the task force and in the archives.

In which case according to the NC protocols we are required to elect a
co-chair are we not?

>3. Chair
>Because this is a sensitive issue and one with a tight deadline, I proposed,
>in my capacity as elected NC chair, to the NC to chair this group and the NC

Again for the sake of transparency can you please provide a URL to
this decision by the Names Council.  I have just spent a very tedious
hour or so looking through all archives and minutes since September
and can not find any reference to this.  Now it is highly possible I
have missed it in the hundreds of messages in the archives so a URL
link would be useful.

>In that capacity I will steer, draft discussion documents,
>co-oordinate, composite ideas, propose compromises etc but I will not be
>advocating the position of the BC. 

An excellent role for the TF Chair.  Just so there is no
misunderstanding can we clarify that if we are unable to reach
consensus and votes are necessary, you will be a non-voting member?

ICQ 29964527

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