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[nc-str] Discussion paper ALSC against criteria

TF members,
to help with our tight deadline I am in discussion with the Board regarding the deadline for DNSO comments on ALSC.
In the meantime to start off our work please see attached an attempt to:
1. Write a factual snapshot of the ALSC proposals.
2. Start a high-level outline testing those proposals against our criteria.
The test against criteria I have intentionally limited to one or two sentences and I have made an attempt at an evaluation.
If you agree I suggest we us this as a template for our work, adding, deleting, amending to the evaluation sections until we have agreement on each. In this work we can start to add in the various constituency perspectives and then see how those perspectives together produce a consensus view.
As we start this analysis, please suggest other criteria that you think may be helpful in line with the TOR proposals.
May I propose a deadline for first round comments as Thursday Dec 6?

DNSO NC TF on Structure.doc

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