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[nc-str] gTLD position paper re alsc

Response to draft ICANN Board resolution proposed by the ALSC, October 31, 2001.

October 31, 2001

The gTLD Registry Constituency commends the At Large Study Committee for its hard work and thoughtful analysis of a complex issue. We generally support the ALSC's call for full, proportionate, informed participation by users in the ICANN process and the other recommendations made by the ALSC.

The gTLD RC does not agree, however, that the recommendations of the ALSC should be acted upon by the ICANN Board independently from resolution of many other pending issues regarding restructuring, including the ccTLD request for creation of a new Supporting Organization, the need to preserve a level playing field for competition among registries addressing the global marketplace, suggestions for restructuring of the GA and DNSO, and proposals for adoption of more definitive guidelines limiting the permissible subject matters for ICANN policymaking and establishing the consensus policy process leading to and legitimizing such policies. All of these efforts must be coordinated and should not proceed independently.

It would be far more disruptive to ICANN for it to undergo sequential reorganizations than it would be for it to achieve a comprehensive restructuring based on widely shared views regarding the role of the Board, the nature and scope of the policy-making process, and the overall allocation of board seats among various interested and affected groups.

The gTLD Registry Constituency has published a proposal regarding restructuring and is undertaking consultations with other constituencies to attempt to generate consensus. The nature and extent of representation of end users or registrants on the ICANN Board is inextricably intertwined with questions regarding the nature and extent of representation of registries (and registrars) -- as well as with questions regarding the limitations on the subject matters as to which ICANN policies may bind those under contract with ICANN and the need to assure that a genuine and documented consensus process is used to produce those policies.

The gTLD Registry Constituency supports the ALSC's desire for rapid action with respect to its proposals. We understand that the ALSC was not itself the appropriate forum for resolution of broader restructuring issues. We believe the broader issues can and should be addressed and resolved promptly and, indeed, that appropriate resolution of those issues will lead to an overall consensus that will support many of the ALSC's recommendations.

We are ready to do our part to help implement those proposals that are ultimately adopted as part of a comprehensive restructuring initiative. And we call on all other constituencies promptly to engage in efforts to reach broad consensus regarding the issues raised in our own restructuring proposal.


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