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Re: [nc-str] Final terms of reference

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Sent: Wednesday, November 28, 2001 11:35 PM
Subject: [nc-str] Final terms of reference
Expanded terms of reference for the NC TF on structure

Terms of reference
To produce a timely impact assessment on
a) the efficacy of policy making within the DNSO, and
b) the efficacy of ICANN decision making
as a result of the proposals from the at-large study committee, the desire of the ccTLDs to form their own supporting organisation and other related proposals and;
Still no reference to the multiple proposals from the GA for an IDNH constituency? Why? The interface between this and the proposed ALSO while limited to domain name holders is important.
To produce a recommendation to the Names Council based on this assessment.
To achieve this the task force should briefly evaluate proposals for re-structuring against the following criteria:
1. the efficacy of policy making within the DNSO
- degree of formal interaction between stakeholders
- ratio of unique issues of a new SO outside the competence of DNSO versus issues within competence of DNSO
Philip, I see you still want to measure the effectiveness of DNSO decision making by reference to a ratio which seems to me to have no meaning or use. How do you propose, in January, to predict those new "unique issues" which will arise in the ALSO? Do you have a one year or ten year time frame for these new issues to arise in? Is it some attempt at measuring how busy new SO's will be compared with that of the DNSO. If the answer is 1:3, what will this mean???
- mechanisms for cross-SO communication
- effect on the DNSO consensus process.
2. the efficacy of ICANN decision making
- snips

The task force will consider proposals made to the Board ( by the ALSC or DNSO constituencies )
Please delete the portion in parentheses - there's no reason to limit which proposals to the Board we should review, and this seems to preclude consideration of the GA's proposals.
 before 31 January 2002.
Hope these further comments help.
I shall be away giving a paper on Thursday, and in Court Friday, and may be out of reach.
Peter Dengate Thrush
Senior Vice Chair
Asia Pacific TLD Association

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