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RE: [nc-str] ALSC

Title: RE: [nc-str] ALSC


Thank you for this note. 

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From: Philip Sheppard [mailto:philip.sheppard@aim.be]
Sent: Thursday, October 25, 2001 10:36 AM
To: NC Structure
Subject: [nc-str] ALSC

FYI NC structure task force.

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From: "Philip Sheppard" <philip.sheppard@aim.be>
To: "Denise Michel" <dmichel@atlargestudy.org>
Cc: "NC (list)" <council@dnso.org>
Sent: 25 October 2001 16:32
Subject: Re: ALSC

thanks for the proposal to meet again with the ALSC. As you know time is
very tight at MdR for non-security issues. We are compressing our usual two
days on all other ICANN issues into one day. However, the AL issues is
important and I will try to make time on the NC agenda on the afternoon of
Monday 12 November.

On the draft proposal, I am most surprised to see a draft proposal before a
final report has been published.  There needs to be time for constituencies
to form positions and for those positions to be advocated on the NC, to
allow the NC to advise the Board.

There are a number of broad objectives within the ALSC report that I believe
will achieve consensus, but some of your proposed strategies to meet those
objectives still require testing.  For example, the proposal to have a
structural basis for At-large is a broad objective that I have not heard
contested. The strategy to call this an ICANN supporting organisation and
the overlap with the DNSO and the formation of an individuals constituency
have all been questioned.

This is an important step for ICANN. Let us not trip over in our haste to
get a result.

Philip Sheppard
NC Chair

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