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[nc-review] Reminder and schedule on DNSO review.

NC Review Task Force,

As we reach the deadline for the extended comments on the DNSO review, I
wanted to send a note reminding everyone of the schedule. As was noted in my
December 29th note, it will be a rather tight deadline.

As noted below, the Task Force will receive the report from the Review
working group on January 15th. From there the schedule is as follows to
ensure public comment time, at both the DNSO level and the ICANN level, to
be completed in time for the upcoming ICANN meeting in March. I'll send a
preliminary draft report out to the Task force on the 15th, to provide the
task force a draft to work with.

January 15, 2001: All Comments to NC Review Task Force

January 19, 2001: DNSO Review Report v1 to NC for review prior to January
24th NC call.

January 24, 2001: NC Discussion of DNSO Review Report v1. Task Force
incorporates comments resulting from discussion.

January 26, 2001: Posting of DNSO Review Report v2 (V2 includes NC
discussion) for DNSO public comment (Jan. 26-Feb. 9).

February 9, 2001: End of DNSO Public Comment period

February 12, 2001: Forward DNSO Review Report with public comments to ICANN.

February 14, 2001: ICANN posts DNSO Review Report for Public Comment

I will send a note to all constituencies reminding them of the January 15th
deadline. As you know several constituencies have already submitted
comments, which I'll post to the task force list again to make sure everyone
has seen the same things.
Looking forward to completing this work with the NC Review Task force.
Please let me know if you have any comments/questions.

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From: Theresa Swinehart [mailto:Theresa.Swinehart@wcom.com]
Sent: Friday, December 29, 2000 1:49 AM
To: Philip Sheppard; 'names council'
Cc: 'nc-review@dnso.org'
Subject: RE: [council] Press release

Philip, and NC,

Thank you for all your work in getting this announcement out. The schedule
provided in this announcement requires some adjustments to the DNSO Review
schedule sent out in the e-mail of December 4, 2000 (the resending of the
DNSO review questionnaire). The December 4 e-mail set the following

"The timeline is as follows. The NC Review Task Force must receive comments
by January 10, 2001. PLEASE NOTE, while this extension of the DNSO review is
necessary due to limited responses received, THERE IS NO ADDITIONAL
EXTENSION. The NC Task Force will then have 1 week to prepare the report
based on response to forward to the ICANN Board. The report will be
forwarded to the NC on the 17th, for discussion and approval at the NC call
on January 24th. Subsequent to NC approval it will be sent to the ICANN
board, where it will be posted for public comment."

In order to accommodate the NC decision and announcement in the message
below, here are the changes to the NC Task Force review schedule for the
preparations of the report to be submitted to the NC before its January 24th

"The NC Review Task Force will receive comments by January 15th (per press
release of December 21 2000, and schedule announced of Working Group's
completed work product). The NC Task force will provide the report to the NC
for review on January 19th (the NC task force will have 4 days to prepare
the report instead of 1 week); and the NC will receive the report 5 days
prior to it's NC call on January 24th. We realize that this puts much
pressure on the NC task force and the NC with regards to preparation and
review. However, in order to have the report ready for the January NC call,
this tightening of the schedule to accommodate the input from the working
group is necessary."

Please note that all constituencies, and the GA, have received (or should
have received from their respective constituency representatives) the DNSO
questionnaire during the initial sending and the resending, and are free to
comment whether directly to the NC Review Task Force, or via the Working
Group. For those that have already submitted comments in the initial
sending, those comments will of course be incorporated.

Best wishes to all for respective Holidays and New Years.


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From: owner-council@dnso.org [mailto:owner-council@dnso.org]On Behalf Of
Philip Sheppard
Sent: Thursday, December 21, 2000 9:36 AM
To: DNSO Council (Public archive)
Subject: [council] Press release

The attached press release has been sent today (21 December 2000 CET 15.30)
to ICANN and ICANN's media consultant for immediate distribution. The
release was drafted by Philip Sheppard, amended by Y J Park and approved on
behalf of the NC by NC chair Ken Stubbs.
Philip Sheppard

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