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Re: [nc-intake] Draft report for NC meeting 17 August

thanks for your comments.
I do agree with your point about commitment of commentators.

On proxies I believe we had decided not to make an exception for gTLDs on
the basis that the constituency will soon grow, in the interim it may not be
a problem and that with the IC setting agendas in advance, Chuck could give
his proxy to any member of the NC along with voting instructions. Chuck had
said he was happy with this.

It makes the situation very clear. No precedents.  Any NC member can give a
proxy to any other NC member. That is the only rule.

(And has the added advantage in bringing the NC closer together in a spirit
of cooperation not confrontation. Maybe I prefer to give the BC proxy to
another European when there is a need to give a complex brief and that is
easier in the same time zone....)


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