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RE: [nc-intake]

I'm still contemplating the idea of restricting proxies to NC members except
when no NC members are able to participate directly.  This would create a
unique situation for the gTLD Registry Constituency because we are the only
constituency that has just one member.  That should change in the future but
we are not there yet.


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I forgot:

About the planning, a yearly planning is OK, but since things evolve fast, I
think that the meeting calendar should be reviewed quarterly.
Something like the calendar for Quarter (n) approved by 15 of the last month
of Quarter (n-1).

About the proxies, a clear decision must be taken on whether a proxy can be
given to a non-NC representative. The issue has been raised already with
NonCom proxies, and may well happen again.
For this as well I am happy with Caroline's proposal.


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