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[nc-intake] Re: [council] Intake Committee

I agree that we should start with the Berkman proposal as a string point.

 However, I personally believe that the Intake Committee should be more
than a mere reporting function.  I think we should be responsible for
making sure each meeting runs smoothly both procedurally and substantively.
For example, when reviewing all proposed agenda items, I think we should
have the discretion to prioritize them, and if we believe they are not
within our "jurisdiction" reject them.  Our decisions, however, would be
presented in advance to the full NC online for a vote and if a majority
disagreed with any of our decisions, the decisions would be overturned.  As
a result, I believe the Intake Committee should be made up of one member
from each Constituency.   I took a stab at some detailed procedural rules
to add to Berkman which are provided below.  PLEASE DO NOT SHOOT THE
MESSENGER!  I clearly have not covered everything we need to or in the
manner that everyone agrees with.  I am just trying to get a dialog started
so we can have a report to submit by AUGUST 7TH!

With respect to Berkman, I am not in favor of the colored cards, but prefer
to revert back to raising hands, but making sure that the Chair is situated
such that he can see all NC members.  In other words, if we continue to
have the horseshoe shaped tables, Ken needs to sit where Esther or Mike
usually sit during their board meetings.

                          INTAKE COMMITTEE RULES

Meetings Schedule

     All meetings must be scheduled by the Chair with at least two weeks
notice, except in emergency situations which shall be decided upon by the
Intake Committee.

     Starting on January 1, 2001, and for every year thereafter, the Chair
shall finalize a schedule of all meetings during that calendar year by the
last day of January of that year.

     In any given year, the time of the meetings must vary to accommodate
the different geographic regions represented by the Names Council members.


      All proxies must first be given to fellow Names Council members in
the same Constituency.

     In the event all Names Council members are not available for a meeting
or vote, a proxy may be designated to a non-Names Council member subject to
the approval of the Intake Committee which shall not be unnecessarily


     An Intake Committee e-mail group shall be created whereby any member
of the ICANN Board or the GA can provide its input to the Names Council.

     A member of the GA shall be any natural person who at the time of the
nomination (or endorsement as set forth below) is:
    subscribed to the GA-ga or GA-announce lists;
    subscribed to a working group list; or
    a Names Council member; or
    a member of the DNSO Constituency.

     There will be a limit of one posting per day and the Intake Committee
shall have the sole discretion as to how to deal with abusive or offensive

Agenda Items

     In order for a topic to be discussed at a Names Council meeting, it
must be presented to the Intake Committee no later than ____ weeks before
the meeting.

     The Intake Committee shall post the agenda for a meeting no later than
two weeks before the meeting.  To the extent that there are items on the
agenda which have been proposed but rejected by the Intake Committee, the
NC members shall have one week to submit their vote to the Intake Committee
whether to accept such rejection.  Non-votes will be deemed an acceptance
of the Intake Committee's decision, and a majority of the votes shall rule.


     No later than one week before the Names Council meeting, any and all
reports on the agenda items to be discussed at the meeting must be
distributed to the Names Council.


     The Intake Committee shall have the sole discretion to deviate from
these procedures when required to meet deadlines or ICANN's requirements.

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