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RE: [nc-deletes] Minutes - Conference Call, November 15

> The "renewal in bad faith" point has been tried a few times
> and I don't think it has ever succeeded.

If it is all you have to go on, then it probably wouldn't.  A "stronger"
argument is not the same as a "successful" one.  In addition to other
factors, it might be significant.  For example, if the registrant had
expressed an intent to cease use or registration of the domain name, but
then renewed it instead, then you have something to play with.

>Let me know if you've
>seen it succeed

In factually rich situations, it is difficult to ascribe "success" to any
one argument.  Renewal is noted in these cases:

Houlberg Development v, Adnet International (NAF October 27, 2000) and ABF
Freight System Inc v. American Legal (WIPO Case D2000-0185).

>as I was thinking about running it in a case

No problem.  Should I bill your client directly?

But we are far afield from deletes issues here.  A cutoff window prior to
expiration in the UDRP would seem to be a simpler solution, that wouldn't
involve having to rely on the registrar's ability to properly follow
procedure, nor tinkering with the code.

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