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RE: [nc-deletes] Minutes - Conference Call, November 15

Title: RE: [nc-deletes] Minutes - Conference Call, November 15

I'm trying to get some feedback as to how often this problem has arisen.  I think it's likely to be relatively rare.

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Subject: Re: [nc-deletes] Minutes - Conference Call, November 15

>November 15, 2002   14:00 UTC

>Jane Mutimear pointed to the discussion of names being deleted while
>the subject of a UDRP dispute.  There was general consensus that this
>was not desirable, but neither was forcing registrars to carry domain
>names that were no longer being paid for.  Mutimear agreed to provide a
>proposed solution for the problem to the task force by the next
>conference call.

I asked on the call if this was a common problem. Seemed to me that
it would be a rather rare, though the reaction then was that it was
enough of a concern that it needed addressing. Since, two people from
the NCC have asked the same question and I'm wondering if there's
data on how many times a name has been deleted during a UDRP dispute?

I understand that registrars should not be required to pick up the
costs of something they have no control over. But if it's a rare
occurrence, perhaps it's not much of an issue? And I can't see how
the situation could be gamed to put registrars at serious risk.




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