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Re: [nc-deletes] NEXT CALL NOVEMBER 25 14:00 UTC

14h00 GMT is 16h00 here, and I'll try to knock off an hour early.

I suggest someone looks now into the PC-to-telephone service and tries
it out with a miniconference. If it works let me have the details.

I'll be off for a week on a Perinatal workshop in South Africa (this
concerns mothers and babies dying and what to do about it) but may or
may not have dialup access. Since it is at the University of Pretoria
I'd guess yes. If not I'll catch up on Thursday night


Dr. Eberhard W. Lisse  \   *    /  Obstetrician & Gynaecologist (Saar)
<el@lisse.NA> el108    /       |               Oshakati State Hospital
Private Bag X5501       \     /     Telephone: +264 81 124 6733 (cell)
Oshakati, Namibia       ;____/            Managing Member, NA-NiC (cc)
Please send DNS/NA-NiC related e-mail to  dns-admin@na-nic.com.na only

In message <B9FADA66.1539C%jordyn.buchanan@registrypro.com>, "Jordyn A. Buchana
n" writes:
> As discussed on the call earlier today, the next task force call is
> scheduled on Monday, November 25 at 14:00 UTC (09:00 East Coast, 06:00 West
> Coast, 23:00 Tokyo).
> Dial-in information to be provided soon.  We'll probably stick with Brett's
> amazing free service, if we can figure out a way to help Dr. Lisse
> participate.
> Jordyn

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