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RE: [nc-deletes] Conference Call Details

I'm actually having some problems getting through to Dr. Lisse right now;
I'm not sure why.  If someone else could be so generous as to try to
conference him in, that would be a good thing...


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From: Dr Eberhard W. Lisse [mailto:el@ac.lisse.na]
Sent: Thursday, November 14, 2002 11:18 PM
To: Jordyn Buchanan
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Subject: Re: [nc-deletes] Conference Call Details 


Thank you. The number 00264 81 124 6733 is my cell phone. 

I am on call today, so I can't stay on that cell phone for a prolonged
period. Please phone me and I shall give you the number of the land
line where I shall be at that time. Unless I am in the Operating Room
doing a Cesarean Section, of course :-)-O

greetings, el
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In message <B9F975E0.1520E%jordyn.buchanan@registrypro.com>, "Jordyn A.
n" writes:
> I'll take care of this.
> On 11/14/02 3:37 PM, "Bret Fausett" <fausett@lextext.com> wrote:
> > For those who are planning to participate in tomorrow's conference call,
> > there someone in a position to conference in Dr. Lisse? His phone number
> > Namibia is 00264 81 124 6733. He'll be unable to call into our U.S.
> > conference number, but he is able to receive a call.
> > 
> >      -- Bret
> > 

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