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[nc-deletes] Kicking things off...

Hi all:

A little belatedly, we have a chance to kick off the work of the Deletes
Task Force.  I'm excited to move ahead, and hope that all of you will share
my enthusiasm for resolving some of the issues raised in the initial issues
paper.  If you have not already done so, please familiarize yourself with
the paper, which can be found at:


The issues outlined in the paper tie directly to our terms of reference,
which I've included below:

     Terms of reference
       1. determine whether a uniform delete process by gtld registrars
          following expiry is desirable, and if so, recommend an appropriate
       2. determine whether a uniform delete process by gtld registrars
          following a failure of a registrant to provide accurate WHOIS
          information upon request is desirable, and if so, recommend an
          appropriate process
       3. determine whether a uniform delete and re-allocation process by
          gtld registries following receipt of a delete command from a
          registrar is desirable, and if so, recommend an appropriate
       4. determine whether a uniform process for reversing errors in
          renewal commands without requiring a delete operation is
          desirable, and if so, recommend an appropriate process

Also, please keep in mind that this task force is operating under the
principles of the new Policy Development Process, with very tight milestones
and deadlines.  Unfortunately, due to some slowness in getting the group up
and running, we're already behind schedule, but I intend to keep us as close
as possible to the original timelines, even if the specific dates may have
to get pushed back a week or two due to the delays we've experienced thus

In the immediate future, I have three goals for the task force:

1) Organizing a conference call for a brief discussion of the various
issues, to understand the concerns of various constituencies in each problem
area, and to identify areas of common agreement that we can memorialize and
use as a basis for further work.  Also, I expect there will be some areas of
disagreement, and we can begin to note the areas in which we are going to
need to do some harder work in order to gain consensus.  Ideally, I'd like
to have this call on Thursday or Friday of this week.  What are people's
schedules like at around 13:00 GMT on Friday, or alternatively, 15:00 GMT on

Generally, I'd like to do as much communication as possible via e-mail, but
given the short time frames we're facing, some phone calls where we can all
exchange ideas interactively will be helpful.

2) Get constituency position statements submitted.  These were originally
due on November 8.  Due to our late start, I think we'll be looking at a new
due date of November 22, but this date will be rigorously enforced.  Please
begin to communicate with others from your constituency now in order to get
these developed.

3) Elect a permanent chair for the task force.  I am currently serving as
the interim chair, but one of our first orders of business should be to
elect a permanent chair.  Let's submit nominations via e-mail (feel free to
nominate yourself if you're interested).  If everyone is comfortable doing
so, we can look to elect a chair on our first phone call.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.  Please let me know if there's
anything you'd like to address, or certainly feel free to start making
substantive comments regarding the work we have ahead of us anytime.


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