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Re: [ga] Re: [IFWP] IDNO At large membership

On Sat, 23 Oct 1999, A. Gehring wrote:

> You have inferred more of my thought and position than does exist.

My apologies, for calling you the man of the hour. I still hope that you
will continue to rise to the occasion, and cannot see at this time anyone
who might command the respect from the various fragmentations of this
former hopeful organization that can pull together enough of what is left
to have any sort of phoenix - except you.

I will not apologize for pushing you. I think that is a positive thing. I
know you want a salary, but there is no budget at this time for you, only
possiblilities. I know you can do this even if you don't see yourself as
that person - yet.

> Control of the IDNO will rise mainly from members ability to exercise self
> control, not from my desire to forge working compromises between hostile
> protagonists alone.

I completely disaggree with you on that. Order is order and this must be
established in accordance with that which is generally considered
sytematic, transparent, and fairly democratic. Anything else will continue
paralytically since a dead INDO is better than a living JDNO.

> I am supportive of the
> desire to build a fair and functional democratic process and platform for
> individual stakeholders in the ICANN.

As are many of us embroiled in the confusion. You are not alone in that
singlular objective.

> I am not supporting any effort to
> wrest control of any intellectual or real property made available to the
> IDNO by Joop Teernstra in sponsorship of these goals.

This is where you are mistaken. Joe Abley, not Joop Teernstra, has made
this resource available. Please review this in the SC archives under Bill
Number CA-02. Also, I think it was Andy that claimed on that list to pay
the line-share of the registration fee, along with people once involved
with the IDNO who are current members of this list.

Bradley D. Thornton
Immediate Past Chairman
First IDNO Steering Committee.