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[ga] Bottom up election or not ? According with the White Paper, IFWP, and common sense

Ok.  This is what it says:

>Direct from the ICANN Bylaws:
>(i)  The NC shall elect the Chairman of the GA annually. 

The ICANN Bylaws has been changed many, many times.  And it will continue changing, in every
ICANN meeting there is changes (almost).

So there should not be impediment or oposition to change the ICANN bylaws if there is a good

If we are seeing that the "Bottom up" election principle is not happening or it will not happen, are
we able to propose to the ICANN Board to change it ? someone, maybe a lawyer, can put
in the correct words that the GA assambly is not made of little children who need to have its
own chairman elected by other body ?  Is this, the GA, a serious body who can elect by themselves
its own chairman ?

Am I asking too much ?

Javier Rodriguez                   jrl@mail.lima.net.pe
Peruvian Association of Internet Users and ISPs
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