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Re: [ga] Election's over. Where are the NC archives?

Furthermore, it was said that the votes will be public.
I can be pleased or pissed off with the people that was elected (that's part of a
democratic game...) but  I wonder if someone has got to know how the
votes were done ? ( I mean who vote for whom... or did I misunderstood the
whole thing and that will be a secret stuff... ???? )


At 22/10/99 2:12:00 PM, you wrote:
>Ok, the ICANN BoD election process is over.  Why haven't the
>NC mailing list archives been re-opened?  It's been almost 4 days.
>I'm not saying there's anything to hide.  But unless they are
>made available again, and very soon, people will start assuming that
>to be the case.  
>Would the Secretariat kindly do this with all due haste?
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