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Re: [ga] Re: [IFWP] IDNO At large membership

Regarding the IDNO:

On Wed, 20 Oct 1999, William X. Walsh wrote:

> The real culprit is clear.  The one person who absolutely refuses
> to let go of any level of control, and who fights any attempt to
> remove any area of his control, and attacks those who suggest that
> he should.

That would be Joop Teernstra, the man who singlehandedly destroyed the

> I find it particularly amusing his comments to ICANN about their
> member removal clause, and how due process must be followed, but he
> is the one who supported removal of at least 4 people by his simple
> decision to do so.  And one of those was barely over a month ago.

That's not all. Calls by the IDNO's elected Steering Committee for polls
were repeatedly either ignored or dismissed by Joop Teernstra as
insignificant and subsequently not held because total control over all of
that organization's voting, webserver, and list mechanisms remain still
under his sole authority.

Only those things that Joop Teernstra deemed pertinent were ever brought
to any sort of democratic vote in the organization's polling booth and
often with the open opposition to either the verbage, choices, or even the
substance of the poll.

Just last week, Joop Teernstra closed out a poll under a cloud of fraud
when it was announced by his two man polling committee (also elected under
a cloud of suspician in a lightning quick poll hastily prepared by him)
that people's votes were in fact changed in direct contrast to stated

That particular poll had three options in it, and the third option failed
to gain support by an over 2 to 1 marghin. The other two options were
tied, and instead of properly holding a runnoff election he opted to
declare that the third option would would be implemented. Not in just
those words, but to that effect. 

Joop Teernstra, other than making himself Polling Officer, has never even
held an office with the IDNO.

The archives of the proceedings of the IDNO Steering Committee are a
matter of public record (Although Joop Teernstra insists otherwise) and
are available at http://idno.org for anyone to peruse. Within these
archives I think that most of you will be astonished at the level of
arrogance and the condescending attitude Joop Teernstra repeatedly
demonstrates - especially with regards to both his declarations of being
the despot ruler of the IDNO through a puppet government and also his
outragewous demands that people he does not like be immediately removed
from the IDNO lists.

Now, many people might not like someone, but Mr. Jeff William's right to
belong to the IDNO lists, as well as Mr. Crockett and Mr. Crispin should
not be subject to the whims of such a dangerous man, as one that has
demonstrated tyranical and dictatorial intents - especially when that
sort of action is in direct violation of the organization's charter and
list rules. And by that I mean Joop Teernstra.

> This person wants due process, except when it might compromise his
> own control.

There is currently, and has been, a movement underway to wrest from Joop
Teernstra's control the mechanisms of the IDNO and return that control
back to the IDNO General Membership and it's elected bodies that it
belongs to, and Arnold Gehring, being the statesman that he is, is
amassing an unpremised level of support to that end. The administrative
contact for the IDNO.ORG domain has himself offered to take away Joop
Teernstra's toys and give them back to the IDNO General Membership and
it's elected bodies, but to be fair and totally transparent, a poll was
ordered. The calling for that vote to see what the entire membership's
decision would be as to moving the IDNO website was totally refused by
Joop Teerstra by completely ignoring that directive to the Polling
Committee from the Steering Committee.

If Joop Teernstra continues to behave in such a manner, it is doubtful
that even Mr. Gehring with tremendous support from the multitudes, can
return control of the IDNO to it's members.

Many people might be wondering why the actual founders of the IDNO not
more than two weeks ago were making off-handed remarks (On this very
list)about the failure of their efforts to build an IDNO, actually naming
the IDNO and calling it a failure. Now you know why. Those "Founders" were
members of the IDNO Steering Committee and most of the SC resigned in
disgust following the exposure of Joop Teernstra through his actions and
statements alluding to his, "Optical Illusion". That was the term he used
when refering to us on the IDNO Steering Committee as his personal puppet

Realizing that the Steering Committee was not going to bow to his crown,
Joop Teernstra has now suspended the IDNO Steering Committee and
unilatterally decided not to hold elections for the Second Steering
Committee of the IDNO. He has brought a chaos to the organization that it
may never recover from, and he has completely destroyed the integrety of
that organization so long as he continues to rule it.

The IDNO is not, and apparently never was, an organization governed by the
owners (Some would say holders) of domain names. 

If Joop Teernstra has blocked access to the public records ( The list
Archives ) on the IDNO.ORG website, you can find the archive instead at
http://www.dnspolicy.com where they have been been publicly searchable for
several weeks now.

One more thing. In those archives you will note the adamant opposition by
the IDNO Steering Committee and several other members that Joop Teernstra
ever speak as a spokesperson for the IDNO, and also some very direct
references that Joop Teernstra has only ever been approved to speak on
behalf of the IDNO during the ICANN meetings in Santiago. He has never
since been approved to act as spokesperson with the exception of the
Santiago ICANN meetings and will not be representing the IDNO as such
during the upcoming Los Angeles ICANN annual meetings. So any rhetoric to
the effect that he speaks on behalf of the IDNO is bullshit.

Joop Teernstra may speak anytime he likes as a private individual or as an
individual member of the IDNO. But anytime he purports to speak on behalf
of the IDNO at anytime other than The ICANN meetings in Santiago Chile,
you now know that such inference is merely another act of fraud.

Bradley D. Thornton
Immediate Past Chairman
First IDNO Steering Committee.