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Re: [ga] Results from the NCtelecon October 5th, 1999

from http://www.dnso.org/dnso/aboutdnso.html

(i) The NC shall elect the Chairman of the GA annually.

Peter Veeck

Javier Rodriguez wrote:

> Michael Sondow wrote:
> >The answers are obvious. ICANN is an authoritarian organization, and
> >all its structures, including the DNSO, will be run from the top
> >down.
> Michael and all,
> WE are the GA.
> If the ICANN wants, needs, a DNSO org, and the DNSO needs a General
> Assambly then there will be no way to avoid that sooner or later the GA
> take its responsability, its amount of "little power" and for sure will be a key
> body in the ICANN process.
> To think that there is conspiracy is very helpfull to avoid errors, mistakes and
> missunderstandings, but it is no positive.  We must show that the GA is a
> body that helps, that critics, that is alive, that is democratic, and for sure I expect
> that WE can elect our chair.
> Someone remember the bylaws or other agreements in how is going to be
> elected our chair ?
> Regards,
> Javier
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