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Re: [ga] Results from the NCtelecon October 5th, 1999

On 22 October 1999, "Javier Rodriguez" <jrl@mail.lima.net.pe> wrote:

>WE are the GA.  If the ICANN wants, needs, a DNSO org, and the DNSO
>needs a General Assambly then there will be no way to avoid that
>sooner or later the GA take its responsability, its amount of "little
>power" and for sure will be a k ey body in the ICANN process.
> To think that there is conspiracy is very helpfull to avoid errors,
>mistakes a nd missunderstandings, but it is no positive.  We must
>show that the GA is a body that helps, that critics, that is alive,
>that is democratic, and for sure I expect that WE can elect our

Javier, you may expect that, and you may even expect that it'll
be done fairly.  And as much as some would like to poke fun at those
of us who rant and rail about how fairness and individual rights are
being stepped on in these proceedings, there's a perfect example
of the mindset being put into play, right here:


Apparently, some want to believe that it's the big corporations, and
the deep pockets, that matter.  Some want to argue that it's not the
case.  But here, we have a representative of one such entity saying
exactly that.

Mark C. Langston
Systems Admin
San Jose, CA