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Re: Re: [ga] Results from the NCtelecon October 5th, 1999

Michael Sondow wrote:
>The answers are obvious. ICANN is an authoritarian organization, and
>all its structures, including the DNSO, will be run from the top

Michael and all,

WE are the GA.
If the ICANN wants, needs, a DNSO org, and the DNSO needs a General
Assambly then there will be no way to avoid that sooner or later the GA
take its responsability, its amount of "little power" and for sure will be a key
body in the ICANN process.

To think that there is conspiracy is very helpfull to avoid errors, mistakes and
missunderstandings, but it is no positive.  We must show that the GA is a
body that helps, that critics, that is alive, that is democratic, and for sure I expect
that WE can elect our chair.

Someone remember the bylaws or other agreements in how is going to be
elected our chair ?


Javier Rodriguez                   jrl@mail.lima.net.pe
Peruvian Association of Internet Users and ISPs
Other duties:  eCOM-LAC     ISOC-PERU     IPCE