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RE: [ga] Jonathan Cohen, hander-out of domain names

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> Birchall
> Sent: Tuesday, October 19, 1999 9:35 AM
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> Subject: Re: [ga] Jonathan Cohen, hander-out of domain names
> On Tue, Oct 19, 1999 at 11:09:02AM -0400, Michael Sondow wrote:
> > Jonathan Cohen, quoted at the Industry Canada Domain and Trademark
> > Workshop, Ottawa 1997:
> >       "I don't think we should hand out domains with
> >        generic names, I mean some guy has patents.com
> >        and that's just not right."
> A two-year old quote.  Joy.  Does he even hold the same views now?  Do
> any of us hold the same views we held in 1997?  How many of
> us remember
> the state of the domain issue in 1997?  Can someone check with Jon to
> see if he still feels this way?

Who knows ... or cares?
Quite a few of us.
Why bother, I'm still pissed-off with the way he ran the WG-A railroad.

BTW, would it surprise you to know that, in the world of eCommerce, if you
say "ICANN" you usually get a blank-stare? That when you don't get this
stare the usual response is "who knows ... who cares..."?

Roeland M.J. Meyer
Who is about to follow the rest of the ORSC in writing off the ICANN as a
bad job. Now where is that string that stops this train?