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[ga] Duties of the new Vice-President

From the ICANN website:

he ICANN Board unanimously approved the following resolutions:

     RESOLVED [99.__] that Louis Touton is elected to the offices of Vice
     Secretary, and General Counsel, to assume those offices on November 1,
1999, and to
     serve at the pleasure of the Board and in accordance with the Bylaws
of the
     Corporation, and shall hold those offices until his resignation,
removal or other
     disqualification from service, or until his successor or successors
shall be elected and
     qualified. As Vice President, Mr. Touton shall have such duties and
authority as he may
     be assigned by the Board, the President, and the Bylaws, and he shall
act as chief
     executive officer in the absence or disability of the President. As
General Counsel, he
     shall be responsible for handling the legal affairs of the
Corporation, advising the Board
     and Chief Executive Officer on legal matters pertinent to the
Corporation, and serving as
     primary liaison to the Corporation's external counsel and to counsel
for other
     organizations and agencies, and shall have such other duties and
authority as he may
     be assigned by the Board, the President, and the Bylaws. 

     FURTHER RESOLVED [99.__] that a salary for Mr. Touton at the rate of
$175,000 per
     annum and the other employment benefits described to the Board by the
President and
     Chief Executive Officer are approved. 

--Joop Teernstra LL.M.--  , bootstrap  of
the Cyberspace Association,
the constituency for Individual Domain Name Owners