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Re: [ga] The White Paper, the MOU, the USA Congress

Dear Jeff and all,

> The stakeholders must do this collectively.
>The GA can help.  

I agree.

>It is the Stakeholders in conjunction with the NTIA to correct these errors
>immediately.  Not sweep them under the rug, as you seem to be suggesting

No, no, no.  There will be a TON of errors and mistakes.  We NEVER will put
them under the rug.  We must put it in the front door to solve them as quick as
possible.  I mean, solve them with honesty and in the best interest of the
stakeholders (they are the ones call by the White Paper to build this new

>  ICANN is NOT law.

Sorry I mean bylaws.

Lets return to work ;-)

Javier Rodriguez                   jrl@mail.lima.net.pe
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