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[ga] FW: Third election.

Forwarded from ncdnhc.
The matter is relevant to the whole GA, not only to NCDNHC, me thinks


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From: GAETANO, Roberto 
Sent: Wednesday, 20 October 1999 9:48 AM
To: 'Kent Crispin'; ncdnhc-discuss@lyris.isoc.org
Subject: RE: Third election.

Kent Crispin wrote:

> Then we go through the last round again, and again, and again, and 
> again, and again...

For the time being the matter has been solved, one way or another, but the
problem will come back again next year.

Now that the matter is still hot, can we start discussing the shortcomings
of the mechanism of these elections, and define a better process for next
This can also be valuable input for the other SOs, that will have to do
their elections sooner or later, not to speak about the fact that the
(future) election process should be ratified by ICANN (prior to further

My first impression is that we should reconsider alternative methods, like
the one proposed by Dennis Jennings, but maybe my vision is biased by the
fact that I was already in favour of this method.

I recall that the only objection was that it could be too complicated for
the Name Council to understand fully in a short time.
Now we have almost one year of time.

I will start also the same thread on the GA list.