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RE: [ga] Nominations

Kent and Peter, I apologize for my delay. As you may know, I was
involved in a Working Group C position paper, and have been involved in
the DNSO Icann Board Member elections all last week and they just ended
today.  (I know it is not an excuse, we are all busy, but hope you
understand I was not ignoring you.  There was just not enough of me to
go around these past couple of weeks). 

I am copying the IPC president, Jonathan Cohen (who by the way,
tentatively won a one year seat on the ICANN Board from the DNSO) and am
asking him to provide you with the details you need to get involved in
the IPC.  While we had hoped to be more organized at this stage, since
we are simply volunteers (most with FULL time jobs), and there are not
many of us, we simply have not been able to move at the speed which we
would have liked.  

Again, I truly apologize for not getting back to both of you sooner.  

Caroline G. Chicoine

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On Wed, Oct 13, 1999 at 08:54:10AM -0500, Peter Veeck wrote:
> Kent,
> Perhaps you can help me.
> How does one get information on the dnso secret fraternal
> Internet Texoma applied for membership for me in the "ispcp"
> but never received a response.
> I emailed Caroline Chicoine, chicoinc@PeperMartin.com, for information
> on  the "intellectualproperty" Constituency as instructed  by
> http://www.dnso.org/constituency/ip/ip.html ? Which issues I am
> with as a result of veeck v. SBCCI which is currently in the 5th Cir.
> have not as yet received a response.
> Peter Veeck

In fact, since the IPC announced that individuals were welcome to
participate, I asked Caroline if I could listen in on the IPC's email
list -- there were a couple of exchanges between us, indicating some
disorganization, possibly, but it wasn't a high priority of mine, and
I didn't pursue it.  I've cc'd her with this note -- perhaps she 
will get back to us on it.

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