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[ga] Re: Not (yet?) announced: Louis Touton appointed Vice President of ICANN

Joop Teernstra wrote:
> >From yesterday's update of the ICANN pages.
> Louis Touton was the person who helpfully told me in Santiago that there
> was no press conference, while in fact there was one.
> Such people are an invaluable help to the ICANN Board.
> In Berlin he was not able to keep the petitioners and critcs away from the
> press and in Santiago he did his very best to make sure that that mistake
> was not repeated.


Name: Louis Touton   
Group: Litigation
Practice(s): Intellectual Property
Location: Los Angeles
Title: Partner
Description: Admitted 1982 California; 1982 Washington; 1982
Arizona; 1992 Texas. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (S.B.E.E.
1977; S.B.M.E. 1977); Columbia University (Law Review; J.D. 1980).
Law Clerk to Judge Jerome Farris, United States Court of Appeals,
Ninth Circuit (1980 term). Joined Jones Day 1981.

Looks like ICANN is gearing up to defend itself in some nasty IP
lawsuits (Taking ccTLDs away from registries? Restricting the
allocation of SLDs? giving domain name registrants' data to third
parties? Letting EDUCOM impose criteria for allocations of .EDU? A
WIPO-controlled UDRP? Giving CORE control of new gTLDs? Have I
missed any?)

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