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Re: [ga] The election of the DNSO representatives in the ICANN board...

Javier Rodriguez wrote:
> For sure that ALL the elected members (Alejandro, Amadeu, John) will not hesitate
> to review the process and tell us if there is something that has been wrong.

The very people who have been chosen illegitimately are going to
review the process that chose them and tell us if there is something
wrong? Haven't you had a few too many pizco sours, muchacho?

> Second, the NC council members must tell us (to the General Assambly) if there has
> been something wrong...

Ha-ha! The NC answer to the GA? Where have you been? In cloud cuckoo

> And WE, all together, the NC, the elected members, the GA, must correct what it has
> been wrong.  It is our duty.

Not to worry, Javier. Just lie down now, like a good fellow, and get
some rest. Everything will be better in the morning, there's a good

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