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[ga] The White Paper, the MOU, the USA Congress

If there has been errors... who is in charge of correct them ?
The USA Congressmen ?
The ICANN board ?
The GAC ?
The IRAC ?
The DNSO Names Council ?
The General Assambly ?

Who has the dutie of review, validate, and correct the errors ?
We can not live thinking there has been errors in this process...
We invest a lot of time building the ICANN... we can invest a few
days more to check if EVERYTHING has been according with
the ICANN law, and if there has been a violation then we can
search for a way to fix it.  

At least I expect the NC secretariat to pronunce officially what is
the NC voice over the election process and if there has been a
violation of the ICANN by laws.



At 19/10/99 4:56:00 PM, you wrote:
>Michael and all,
>  Democracy issues aside here Michael.  Isn't it obvious that
>the ICANN and the DNSO have continually defied the precepts
>of the White Paper and violated the MoU?  Many believe that
>both the ICANN and the DNSO have done exactly that.  And really
>this is the central issue of this tragedy and farce of an election
>that the DNSO has held ending October 8th has shown very
>clearly and concisely.
>Michael Sondow wrote:
>> Javier Rodriguez escribio:
>> >
>> > This thing is something that would be neccesary to discuss...
>> > some ideas ?
>> Are you really so naive, Mr. Rodriguez, that you don't yet
>> understand that all of ICANN's processes are fraught with
>> irregularities, so that nothing that has been done by it or its
>> subunits could pass the simplest test of legitimacy and democratic
>> procedure?
>> Weren't some DNSO candidates illicitly nominated by persons with no
>> legitimate claim to participation in the DNSO or its constituencies?
>> Isn't the process by which the Names Council rather than the General
>> Assembly chooses the DNSO's Board seats in contradiction with the
>> DNSO's founding principles? (I was in Singapore and was present at
>> the debate and consensus-taking over this very point.)
>> Aren't the Names Council members themselves illegitimately chosen,
>> since it was they who determined the composition of their own
>> constituencies, which elected them to the Names Council?
>> Haven't the ICANN bylaws beeng continually rewritten to fit an
>> illegitimate and indefensible situation - in which there is no
>> bottom-up representation but exactly the contrary - post facto and
>> apres coup (if I may mix metaphors and languages)?
>> Why do you want, now, to discuss the removal of the new DNSO Board
>> members from the NC? Because you naively still believe that due
>> process means anything in this ludicrous insult to democracy?
>> Because you want to still believe? Or because you want to cover up
>> their and your sins?
>> > >So, now that Mr.s Cohen and Abril have been officially elected to
>> > >the ICANN BoD, may we expect that they'll immediately step down from
>> > >their positions on the DNSO NC?  It's required by ICANN bylaws.
>> > >
>> > >
>> > >When will the Registrars and IP Constituencies be holding elections
>> > >to replace these NC members?  What is the timetable for them to do so?
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