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Re: [ga] Jonathan Cohen elected for 1 year term at the ICANN Board

Javier Rodriguez escribio:
> This thing is something that would be neccesary to discuss...
> some ideas ?

Are you really so naive, Mr. Rodriguez, that you don't yet
understand that all of ICANN's processes are fraught with
irregularities, so that nothing that has been done by it or its
subunits could pass the simplest test of legitimacy and democratic

Weren't some DNSO candidates illicitly nominated by persons with no
legitimate claim to participation in the DNSO or its constituencies?

Isn't the process by which the Names Council rather than the General
Assembly chooses the DNSO's Board seats in contradiction with the
DNSO's founding principles? (I was in Singapore and was present at
the debate and consensus-taking over this very point.)

Aren't the Names Council members themselves illegitimately chosen,
since it was they who determined the composition of their own
constituencies, which elected them to the Names Council?

Haven't the ICANN bylaws beeng continually rewritten to fit an
illegitimate and indefensible situation - in which there is no
bottom-up representation but exactly the contrary - post facto and
apres coup (if I may mix metaphors and languages)?

Why do you want, now, to discuss the removal of the new DNSO Board
members from the NC? Because you naively still believe that due
process means anything in this ludicrous insult to democracy?
Because you want to still believe? Or because you want to cover up
their and your sins?

> >So, now that Mr.s Cohen and Abril have been officially elected to
> >the ICANN BoD, may we expect that they'll immediately step down from
> >their positions on the DNSO NC?  It's required by ICANN bylaws.
> >
> >
> >When will the Registrars and IP Constituencies be holding elections
> >to replace these NC members?  What is the timetable for them to do so?

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